Focus Fusion

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Andy Hamilton
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Focus Fusion

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Have just heard of focus fusion, sounds too good to be true

is it?
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Sounds like BS to me but who knows?

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Here's another 'too good to be true' alternative energy site that I came across a while ago

In short, this is someone who is 'developing' an electric car which has a special onboard generator, driven by the electric motor, that keeps the batteries fully charged. This is quite impossible. Yet he seems to have made an excellent living by getting people to invest in his project.

I see he is expanding his portfolio (despite several exposés that clearly show he is a fraud) to include bicycles, and boats.

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Tom Good
Tom Good
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Just read the article and all I can say is :lol:

Conservation of Engery Principle - Enery can't be created from nothing!! Yet another perpetual motion BS. Perhaps aliens abducted him and gave him the technology.

It's ironic he chose a DeLorean. Being from Northern Ireland I know all about the DeLorean factory and the millions of public money that company ripped off.

There's a difference between alternative energy and impossible energy.

Well the article left me angry and amused.

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