Gas Heating

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Gas Heating

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Hell there ,

Since "our leaders" were in Copenhagen and decided to lower the global temperature by 2 degrees ,
we've been in wintry conditions here ,30 cm of snow and day night temperatures of around -1/-12 degrees.
Shows that they can take decisions and influence the climate , and really quick aswell.

Question , how many qubic meters of gas do you all use for heating a day /week in these weather
conditions ? We use about 9 a day ,does not make Poetin happy though .
And then we have 2 wood fires as back up support.

regards ,


Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: Gas Heating

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i have just braved reading the gas meter - having used a lot more recently (last christmas, we were sitting round with hats & gloves on inside lol) i was a bit scared.

anyway, it seems like we have used about 306 units between 20 November & 7January which I think is about 40 units a week. (6 units a day). we have 2 adults in a terraced house, with a gas back boiler.

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