warmcoat insulating paint

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Re: warmcoat insulating paint

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julie the thermawrap quilt insulation would be tacked to the exsisting ceiling!
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Re: warmcoat insulating paint

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I'm not sure Andy would go for silver foil ceilings though Giggles - and the ceilings in those two rooms are so low that I don't think it would be an option to plaster or plasterboard over the top :?

Also, wouldn't the condensation just gather between the two layers?

I am bleaching the walls tomorrow & will be looking at giving the ceiling & walls the once over with a pva mixture - which means I shall have to paint after that... but I have loads of cream gloss left over from the kitchen & so far, the mould's not coming through that so looks like an option for the winter this year at least!
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Re: warmcoat insulating paint

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you may be able to to get cavity wall insultion for a big fat zero.. the grant system is pretty good nowadays.


Gives you the skinny on what grants you can claim... if that is at all helpful..
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Re: warmcoat insulating paint

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I have bought an old cottage in Mayo and I am going to try Warmcoat not just for insulation, but also to help sort out the damp walls. I didn't want to dry line as I want to keep the roughcast 200 year old walls looking as they do now. Brendan from Igoe has been really helpful with advice regarding this. The only modernisation to the cottage has been the addition in 1986 of the two room flat roof kitchen/bathroom extension and electricity although at the moment it has no lights and only two working power sockets.

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