Washing clothes at 15 degrees? New product

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Re: Washing clothes at 15 degrees? New product

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I buy borax in bulk from summer naturals http://www.summernaturals.co.uk/

60oC is hot enough to kill most bacteria in fesus, and hot enough to kill dustmites in bedding. I wouldn't want to wash nappies or bedding at anything less than 60. Clothes, I wash at 40 and I can't see oily deposits (like underarm stink) being removed at less than that - but I am quite a sweaty betty.
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Re: Washing clothes at 15 degrees? New product

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I bought some soap nuts recently, they seem quite good although they take a while to get going. Most of the clothes came out smelling fresh except one of my tops which still spelt of B.O (must have been a particuilarly bad day).

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Re: Washing clothes at 15 degrees? New product

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I have been using soapnuts for the last 2 months and been amazed at the results. I wash at 30 degrees, although for a white load I wash at 40 and add a teaspoon of bicarb. Certainly won't be going back to washing powder.
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Re: Washing clothes at 15 degrees? New product

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my washing machine does not have a heater in it at all :)

The temperature of the water going in the washing machine depends on how much the sun has heated the water pipes.

No problems with getting it clean, though.

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Re: Washing clothes at 15 degrees? New product

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I've been having a go at this since I first saw that horrible slimy gunge being advertised (guess who won't be buying any). I've come to the conclusion that my washing is just as clean on a cold wash as it was at 40oC. That's with my homemade washing powder so I'm quite chuffed.

Having said that, it only saves about 10 minutes off the wash cycle, presumably because it has both hot and cold fill. So in the summer, when we often don't bother putting the water heater on until evening, I've probably been washing on a cold wash anyway without realising it!

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