Best homemade yogurt recipe?

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Re: Best homemade yogurt recipe?

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I make our yogurt in an electric crock pot with whole goats milk (we have goats). Take it to 180 degrees, drop back to 122 degrees, put in yogurt with culture in - 1/4 cup per 4 cups of milk. Unplug machine. I then take the crock pot and put it in a cooler that is lined with towels or blankets, also covering the crockpot itself with a layer of the material of choice. Put down the lid, clamp and cover with a sleeping bag. Wait for anywhere between 4 and 24 hours depending on thickness and tanginess desired. Put the yogurt in the fridge at this point. Some people suggest putting jars of boiling water in the cooler now and again through the process, but I've found mine stays hot with the layers of materials so I don't have to but it's a great idea.

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