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Sale of Alpaca's in Ireland

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:36 am
by diggernotdreamer
I hope this is ok to list this, it is not for me, wondered if anyone would be interested in getting alpacas. I just got a sales catalogue through the post of an Alpaca Dispersal sale in County Clare Ireland. There are 70 lots for sale and I believe that Damien Dyer is experiencing health problems and is reducing the size of his herd, there are all sorts for sale from pets to breeding stock, if you look for Burren Alpaca you can download the sales catalogue.

We got Teddy and Tony, our two alpacas, from this farm, they have given us a lot of pleasure and are wethers (neutered males). I don't believe that there is money to be made from alpaca fibre as it is so expensive to get it processed, you can process it yourself and it is very time consuming. They are great flock guards and have chased foxes off the premises. They don't like strange cats and dogs coming near the premises and are very protective towards all our other pets. They are not for stroking, they don't like that kind of thing even though they look fluffy and gorgeous. I know a man in the UK who does alpaca trekking in Norfolk and it seems popular so it may be a niche market here if you have lovely walks and could do trekking.

They need specialist shearing, any old sheep shearer will not do and we have to call Bob the Shears from Galway to come and do them, he really knows how to do them as they have to be tied in a specific way, they are very strong. If the skin is nicked, it will not heal properly and will get infected or fly blown. They eat lots of stuff sheep won't, so are handy if you have an area you can't mow or strim, they aren't too fussy, trees, fences, plants, fruit bushes, they love it all. They poo in one or two places which is really handy as they don't foul a small field and you can pick it up and use it as high quality fertiliser in the garden, it can be used without composting as well. Mine eat sheep pellets, less in the summer and the only reason they get them in summer is sheer habit and they don't like to be left out when all the other animals get fed. They need hay in the winter and maybe in summer too if you don't have much in the way of pasture.

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