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I have NZ White rabbits

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:31 pm
by tizzy
Not sure if anyone is interested but I have New Zealand White rabbits. I searched for breeding stock for many years myself before I sourced my rabbits and have been told by a number of people this year how hard they are finding it to get some up here in NE Scotland. I'm sure there must be breeders out there but they don't seem to be advertising much, so if you have been looking for some yourself, give me a shout.
I keep three does and two bucks which are all unrelated so I can provide bucks and does from unrelated pairs, although there may be a wee wait of about 10 weeks if I don't have what you need and I need to breed them to order.
Send me a pm if you want more info or if you want any general help or advice with your existing pets/stock.
You can also get me via the Roundhouse (Hervor)