Chickens with spider mites

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Chickens with spider mites

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Anyone recommend 'treatment' for spider mites [which I am assuming is what is in the chicken shed] and their bedding etc ?

I have cleaned the shed out and washed the nesting boxes etc. Chooks dont seem to be suffering any. One has always been a little scraggy and never recovered her feathers [they are ex-batts] They have a smallish muddy run and get let out on the 'lawn' now and again. Only really notice the mites when cleaning out the nesting boxes, they are super tiny.

I have been to my feed merchants who are looking into the options they can get. Also researched using DE [diamotatious earth] altho not sure how exactly...

Would really appreciate any help.


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Re: Chickens with spider mites

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We had mites over the summer and used diatomaceous earth to get rid of them. We cleaned the house out with JaysFluid (you could use a steam wallpaper stripper to kill mites in cracks). We also added crushed garilc to their water once a week. We than sprinkled the powder along the perches, floor and nest boxes each time we cleaned the coop. It took a few months for the mites to disappear, but it does work if you stick with it. We bought ours from ebay.

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Re: Chickens with spider mites

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My local feed merchant just said to use any old fly spray. Do it when the chooks are out of the house and keep them out for a while. The mites live in the nooks and crannies and only come out at night so if you can get the house dark and then spray you should get most of them.

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