Another Eggy Question...

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Another Eggy Question...

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Hi my hen is laying really poor eggs. She doesnt lay every day but when she does the shells are quite thin, particularly at the top of the egg, almost paper like, so they smash very easily which leaves a very messy nest box.

She is totally free range has the run of our garden and my neighbour's garden and is happy as larry.

She is on organic layers pellets, the occasional handful of mixed corn and as many grubs as she can scratch around and catch.

We havent had a decent egg off her for over 6 months now. She's in good health but is a little scruffy looking. One of the hens we used to have was a total bully so she did spend a lot of time growing back her feathers, some of which have never grown back.

Any suggestions / help as to why she's not laying very well and how we can try and help her lay better eggs?

She's an ex-battery warren so is now approx 2 years old.

Thanks v much

Mew x

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Re: Another Eggy Question...

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One of my ex bats has been laying eggs with very deformed shells from about the same age. The eggs are fine but the shells are very thin and sort of crumpled.

The reason why the farmers get rid at 18 months is because the hens are "spent" and their production reduces. Thin shells is also a common problem.

There isn't really much you can do. Vitamin supplments (Poulty Spice or a vitamin additive to their water) might help and do give the oyster shell, mixed into their food if they won't take it separately.


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Re: Another Eggy Question...

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you might find that after she has moulted and stopped laying.. then starts again in the new year, that she will have sorted herself out. so if she is like pet to you.. you can wait and see.

other than making sure she has access to oyster shell, there is not much you can do. One of my pullets this year is laying thin shellers... mostly we get them back to the house to be eaten sooner rather than later...

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