Need to rehome an exbattery chicken... help

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Living the good life
Living the good life
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Need to rehome an exbattery chicken... help

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Hi Ian

I was wondering if you could at all help.

Last year my husband and I adopted 3 ex battery chickens from the BHWT in Coventry.

Unfortunately one of the girls (Flo) has turned out to be a constant bully. Prior to separation we tried different approaches to stop the pecking by using purple spray and stockholme tar but this hasnt worked and we added extra food and water bowls to try and help with the food.

About 2 months ago we decided to separate the bully from the other two girls as she was constantly pecking and pulling their feathers (since weve had them they have been completely bald on their backs, necks and legs) and she always gets to the food first and pushes the other two out of the way.

Since separation Mo and Dot have grown most of their feathers back so we have slowly being trying to reintroduce them back to Flo 5-10minutes a day (during the separation they have been able to see each other the whole time) but Flo is still insistent on pecking, so much so that again just yesterday we left them together for about half an hour and when we went back Mo had once again got a small bald patch on her back where Flo had plucked and ate her feathers.

Although we cant say for certain we think her continued bullying and pecking ended up in the result of the smallest one dying about 3 weeks ago as a result of trying to reintroduce them for a small while (they were able to see and hear each other throughout the separation period). We left them to it for a little while and when we can back to check on them Dot was pooring with blood all down her back and since then she just went down bank.

Sadly we can no longer keep flo. We have tried to rehome her but as you can imagine, because of her personality noone is willing to take her on.

Therefore I am writing this post to see if you would be willing to take her on, or if anyone knows anyone who would be willing to take her on?

We are in the process of moving house in the week so we really could do with rehoming her next Wed 1st / Thurs 2nd July as I will be on annual leave from work.

It really upsets me to have to write on such terms but we really dont have any other alternative.

I live in the Stok on Trent but would be willing to travel say 50 miles or so.

I cant face dispatching her!

Many thanks
MEW :0(

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Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: Need to rehome an exbattery chicken... help

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Hope someone here can help. Otherwise, have you tried on the Omlet Forum?
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Barbara Good
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Re: Need to rehome an exbattery chicken... help

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Ok, this may seem harsh... But have you thought about giving her to someone who WILL dispatch her?
A chicken like that would be a liability in a flock, so only someone who doesn't already have chickens will take her... and having chickens isn't a decision to take in a couple of days.
Also having her on her own might be crueler than dispatching... Bullies are still social, just no with everyone. Plus only having an egg a day max...
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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Re: Need to rehome an exbattery chicken... help

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Yep, I'll join the agreement with wolfsong & susie, I'm afraid.

Sometimes, you have to be a bit philosophical about these things - one has to go for the greater good of the majority.

I (hastily) bought a pair of guinea fowl last weekend & popped them in with the 3 hens, & they've been great - until saturday, when 'Steve' the cock, starting hassling the hens & has kept them captive in their house for the weekend :roll:

So today, I popped him into the large indoor rabbit run, which I put inside the chick run... sort of solitary confinement - and I'm pleased to say that so far, it's worked! :cheers:
When I let him out this afternoon, he was extremely chagrined & left the girls alone - just been to close their doors & they are all back on the roost bar together... but I caught it VERY quickly, before he got too big for his boots.

Hubby says to keep an eye, if he continues to bully, we'll be having a fancy sunday lunch when the youngest daughter comes over.... :lol:
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