Our rescue Chook, Dotty passed away :0(

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Our rescue Chook, Dotty passed away :0(

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Dotty our rescue warren sadly passed away yesterday.

She'd always been the "runt" one out of the three and the last month or two we noticed she'd been having her good and bad days. We thought perhaps she was going through her moult. We gave her some garlic, honey and sage in her water and she perked up really well again about 3 weeks ago and was back to her old self but over the past week she started to go off again tucking her head in and being really subdued. The last 3 days she was hardly eating or drinking and went really weak.

We thought maybe at first she had sour crop as her crop did feel quite soft and squidgy but the last couple of days it did feel quite hard, not rock hard, and since she wasnt really eating much thought maybe it was an impacted crop? We kept massaging it and managed to get a little olive oil down to see if that may have help but when I got home yesterday she had passed away.

She nearly made it a year since she was rescued and im just so thankful she had some restful, peaceful and playful retirement and enjoyed scratching around, eating slugs and worms (and my garden....!) with the sun on her back.

Is there anything we could have done to try and help her as I feel so awful that we didnt do enough to try and get her through it. If only they could talk!

Many thanks


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Re: Our rescue Chook, Dotty passed away :0(

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That's really sad, so sorry about Dotty.
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Re: Our rescue Chook, Dotty passed away :0(

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I'm sorry to hear about Dotty and I think you did everything that you could and looked after her really well. She would have had a lovely life after being rescued by you, even if it was short. They don't live for a very long time, the hybrids anyway, but as long as we can give them a good life whilst they are alive that's all that matters.
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