Cost of keeping hens?

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Re: Cost of keeping hens?

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I have only had my girls a few weeks and ther production is a bit hit and miss at the moment but when i take into acount that i got the birds x4 coup, 8ft run water feeder and pelit feeder, 25kg layers pelits, 25kg corn and a role of neting for £150 i still think i got a good deal, so far i have had 36 eggs not bad for the time of year.

All that aside.
I get up every morning feeling like a kid on christmas morning and cant wait untill it comes light so i can let them out, they have given me a new lese of life, they are so funny, plus i may never have to weed the garden again or mow the lawn, and i feel my seedlings will be safer from slugs this year as the girls have found hundereds of baby ones and made them into lunch.

If you want to have chuks and grow veg in a garden i have to recomend that you build yourself mini fruit cages for your veg beds as the chuks will ravage anything green. Although my slippers are pink and they seem rather fond of them. :lol:


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Re: Cost of keeping hens?

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The last hen egg I saw was 1st October! :( :( :( Plenty of duck eggs but I don't like them very much.
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Re: Cost of keeping hens?

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That is exactly what I do with my 10 hens.I sell my excess and put all the money in a jar and when I have enough I buy the grain and mine are costing about £10 a month to feed they have access to half an acre of grass and only get kitchen scraps if we keep them in the run( if we are out for the day and back after dark)so I only need to sell 10 boxes of eggs a month and usually I sell 4-5 boxes a week at the moment more in summer,so they pay for themselves and we get free eggs,great composting material and alot of entertainment!!
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