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broccoli.jpg (192.14 KiB) Viewed 5885 times
A photo of one of my Broccoli plants.
Nothing out of the ordinary and not really worth commenting on, except ...

I planted 4 Broccoli plants in my small greenhouse on the 12th of November last year with the aim of having an early crop, which we did throughout March, with spears ready into April.
When I've grown Broccoli before that would be it, main head to cut, then several side shoot spears for a month or so getting progressively smaller.
But these have been producing sizeable spears like this ever since.
Not that I'm complaining, just pleased that I happened to have a surfeit of greenhouse space and a laziness that stopped me pulling them up.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Broccoli

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I love these freebies.

We found an escaped plant in the greenhouse a few years back, which was obviously some sort of brassica. I think it must have been out of season for growing anything much else (toms etc) because we left it, occasionally harvesting a few leaves. It was absolutely delicious, presumably the added protection in the tunnel helped the leaves develop their sugars and other flavours. Then a while later it developed purple sprouts - broccoli, not brussels.

Complete bonus for virtually no effort on our part.

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Re: Broccoli

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Never upset a freebie - cosset it and be nice to it. Not often does free happen that is good.

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