Pink Cauliflowers

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Pink Cauliflowers

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Hello (or bonjour) from the Charente in France.
I'm new to vegetable growing so please bear with me...
I planted some cauliflower plants bought from a garden centre, and for a couple of months they were quite exciting, forming tiny (ickle wickle) heads which grew from an inch to about 4 (in old money) but now they have stopped growing, some have gone pink, others yellowed, and I'm worried I'm going to have to dig up the lot just to make 2 pints of soup with it/them.
Anybody know about collies (not the dogs) and can advise what's likely to be wrong, whether they will get better if left or if I should cut my losses and harvest what I have.
Thanks MonsieurBOZ
BTW, thanks to my mates Phil and Jan Judd, who put me in touch with you.

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Re: Pink Cauliflowers

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Never managed to grow them - the only one that ever formed any curds at all was about 1cm across... So you are doing quite well by my standards! I only know that they are very hungry.
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Re: Pink Cauliflowers

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Managed to grow one decent sized one last year, much more by luck than judgement it seems as the three that have managed to develop this year are about 2" across. They do seem to get attacked v quickly by bugs once there is a head and from my very limited experience don't wait too long!

On the brighter side the small ones are really tasty and delicate.

One old boy from our allotments says they need water very regularly or the heads will be small (he parted with that gem of info a bit late for me it seems). Got to say broccoli is much easier :mrgreen:
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Re: Pink Cauliflowers

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I'm growing them ok,

to avoid discolouration, break a leaf (still attached) over the head once it forms

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Re: Pink Cauliflowers

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Welcome to the group. :hello2:
I agree with Peggy Sue that to grow caulies successfully they must not suffer any setback from planting to harvest, especially as regards watering.
Plus, they prefer cooler temperatures, so maybe if it's a bit warm where you are then try the over-wintering varieties that mature in spring.
Pink curds are not uncommon but it is usually a sign of stress, still perfectly edible though.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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