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Re: Prepared For Survival Blog

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I see that due to global warming and the loss of their habitat and food source, the Polar Bears have turned to cannibalism to survive. :( :( :(

So I wonder ????
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Living the good life
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Re: Prepared For Survival Blog

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Dear Moocher,
Can't remember the title, but it sounds about right, the level of advice was at about that level! I trust that you're a reformed character these days ........ :wink:

Love and Peace
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Re: Prepared For Survival Blog

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dont worry ive mellowed with age :lol:
i prefer trying to get tasty /healthy food for my family than prancing through the woods with a compound bow,totally in combat gear.

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Re: Prepared For Survival Blog

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Here is a tip for people preparing for some future disaster, of the survivalist type:

Do not turn yourself into a target. If you stockpile useful stuff, then when supplies run out for other people guess where they will look next? You! Then you will need all the guns and ammo you can lay your hands on.

Think of a siege, of the western films with guys in their wooden house, shooting out into the wild at the surrounding attackers. Pretty desperate stuff! Is that how you want to live?

For ideas on how to really survive, I teach eco-survival, wild food foraging, inconspicuous living and how to avoid the ecological collapse that will precipitate the violence and competition.

It is fun too, here and now, which seems a good thing :)
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