Switch off, Britain!

If you know of a way to help save our planet, even just a small part of it put it here. Also if you want to ask how to help, or even if you want to promote your environmental organisation. All goes here.
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Cheers, Stew. I shall be digging out the other freezer this w/e :)

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I've noticed here that street lights go off at 23:00, people work and shop in buildings often without lights.
Best of all when you're out dressed up for winter and enter shops etc, you feel you want to stay and take your time, not get out asap as the heating is geared towards 'nuclear' on the dial.
There are 'energy' days here and someone with more knowledge than me may be able to elaborate - red days, blue etc when the charges are higher or lower.....
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Get rid of your washing machine or at least dont buy another one , get a old mangle instead of a spin dryer , I have a antique hand crank washing machine although you can wash clothes in a couple of really big buckets with a clothes dolly or posser .
think victorian

bicycle powered washing machine

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