Time on my hands

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Time on my hands

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Till the weather decides to play spring anyway. I have spent time today going through the food store cupboards.

The cupboards are set up for baking as well as everyday meals. Thing is - now that the family locally has thinned out - local youth has left home and older relatives died, other family members work away and aboard, well there ain't so many parties or seasonal feasts. Result is that I have the utensils and a certain variety of ingredients that would still support a larger family gathering or three for a party.

Time to get back to cooking more than the absolute basics instead of going out due to sheer idleness do you think?

When the gardening season gets going (if ever, March is changing its mind from hour to hour this week) I should learn to dry and store herbs instead of buying. Should improve the soups.

Likewise, as soon as the knee feels sturdy enough there are compost bins to turn one into another to free up so that I can start from empty in a few weeks time.

Don't feel that dress making is quite my scene - anything that required the use of a sewing machine was for other members of the family. Decorating can be put off till next winter.

And the rest of you?

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Re: Time on my hands

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Had a few gorgeous days down here in the Midlands before it's back to being cold. Can't quite make it's mind up.

Fairly strong start to the year so far here with the fruit beds largely rearranged and some veg now out.

Digging the foundation for new raised beds to go in next week.

I know what you mean about cooking the basics though - I find myself cycling through the same meals due to lack of imagination. I need to get back on it!
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Re: Time on my hands

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I've just been too knackered after work - too lazy - too down in the dumps to do any cooking. I always start off in hopes at the weekend, even buying decent stuff for cooking meals for the week, but I've actually (and I never thought I'd had to admit that) had to throw out things that had gone off, due to not getting my act together and eating proper meals. :( Hope times will improve.

I've also thought of getting rid of certain items in my cupboard. Don't really do any baking these days, used to bake a lot, often for friends/colleagues, but not any more. Don't want to eat cake myself, but then end up buying crap stuff because I can't resist - so I might as well bake something nice myself?
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