If you know of a way to help save our planet, even just a small part of it put it here. Also if you want to ask how to help, or even if you want to promote your environmental organisation. All goes here.
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Hello there,
My name is Heather Agyepong. I’m a photojournalist at Goldsmiths College studying an MA in Photography & Urban Culture. My research has led me to the righteous movement know as Freeganism.

My project presented in stills, revolves around the central theme of waste. My main body of work will center on the enormous amount of waste disposable currently in UK, particularly on e-waste illegally transported to third world countries in and around Africa. However, I wish to begin my research on the detrimental impact of mass consumption in the UK already and how this waste is reclaimed and minimalized by the Freegan Philosophy.

I would love to know more about the living style of Freegans and am posting this ad to anyone who can help me with more information surrounding it.

I am relatively new to this way of thinking and yet I whole-heartedly support the ethics that the movement seems to incorporate. I am equally inexperienced when it comes to the methods that the Freegans use; I am hoping to find some Londoners who will take me under their wing and introduce me to the range of strategies of practical living based on Freeganist principles.

My project will be exhibited at the end of 2014 and all participants have full censorship over the photos before publication. I would also like to frame some short interviews to go alongside the stills, however this is up to the participants’ discretion. All parties involved will be invited to the opening exhibition and hopefully could use this as a platform to commune and promote these critical issues the Freeganist movement addresses.

The purpose of this piece of work is to give greater exposure to the Freeganism movement and to highlight the escalation and deprivation of so called “waste” in the U.K.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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These are perhaps worth checking out -

They also have a good list of links/references

Good luck with the project!

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