What do you do to save energy?

If you know of a way to help save our planet, even just a small part of it put it here. Also if you want to ask how to help, or even if you want to promote your environmental organisation. All goes here.
Tom Good
Tom Good
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What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175093Post craig.r »

ok just interested to see what everyone else does to save energy.

I make sure everything that needs to be turned off is turned off at the plug.
every bulb in the house for the last 6 years has been an energy saving one.
i always use the eco setting on the washing machine.
i have a 3 second kettle
i have 2 solar chargers, i for my phone and one for batteries.
i use the fast bake program on my bread maker.

also saving for a wood burning stove. :thumbright:
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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175110Post Milims »

Sleep a lot!
Oh - you mean household energy not personal energy! :lol:

Do a big roast of meat on a Sunday that can be used for much quicker meals throughout the week, and while it's in I fill the oven with other baking stuff
Use a pan with steamer tiers so that the veg can all be cooked together.
Use a slow cooker
Use a pressure cooker
Put the lids on pans
Use the microwave
Hoover only once a week :oops: :lol:
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175123Post StripyPixieSocks »

Only heat one room (and only if we absolutely have to)
Fill the oven if I'm using it and use the microwave to re-heat things
One small light on in the evening
Turn off all plugs when not in use

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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175170Post KathyLauren »

Cut back on unnecessary travel. We collect all our errands and make one trip into town every two weeks. Take vacations to nearby destinations instead of going halfway around the world.

Eat local produce when possible. We recently switched from imported orange juice to locally-grown apple juice.

Make sure the house is well insulated. We heat with wood, which doesn't mean we use less heating energy, but it is renewable energy and it doesn't require huge infrastructure, which would require energy.

We turn out lights when not in use, use fluorescent light bulbs (and will use LEDs when they are more available), use the microwave for cooking when feasible.

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Living the good life
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175171Post homegrown »

Turn off all those little glowing lights on appliences, you would be surprised how much they use.

we removed all but two of the thirteen lights in the lounge

watch tv in the dark
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175185Post Flo »

Touchy subject as I've had to run an industrial size dehumidifier to dry out the flat after another flood (2 in 3 months). I do wish the tenant in flat upstairs would stop having baths.

I'm going to have to find a lot of energy saving measures to cut the bill right down. Not sure what yet but a lot. Thinking hat on.

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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175218Post Durgan »

I do absolutely nothing to save energy, as long as my income is sufficient. This is like most people in the Western world.

If and when my pocketbook feels the pinch, then certain selected thing will have to be cut back.

If gas goes to 20 dollars a liter, then the road will be less crowded, since many people have insufficient income not to be inconvenienced. The world has always been that way and will continue, people being people.

As one person I know 81 years of age, said, "I spent most of my life trying to get the standard of living I now enjoy, and am going to die enjoying such".

With the fat and well fed cutting back anything is beyond mere lip service.

My present wife thinks God invented Niagara Falls so he house can be kept at exactly 20 degrees C, Winter and Summer.

Enjoy it while you can, it wont last, when the third world comes aboard.

Reality Check!

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Living the good life
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175399Post Gem »

I only drive when absolutely necessary
Have not flown in years
Fill the oven when cooking (though occasionally get biscuits that taste like roasting veg!)
Use energy saving bulbs, though I will say, I hate them! I hate dim rooms and they just don't seem to produce enough light..
Grow my own veg to save on veg travel costs
Dont eat meat! - People will poohoo this but the travel costs alone of transporting meat from field to slaughter house to butchers is significant.
Put on a jumper rather than turning on the heating! (Though I do prefer it too cold than too warm)
Buy second hand - A lot of people I know don't get the reduced energy cost of second hand to new goods.
Try and buy locally sourced goods where possible (local honey is the best as it helps my hayfever!)

I'm sure there is other stuff but hey thats a start! :wave:

Sally Jane
Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175980Post Sally Jane »

I use an old fashioned carpet sweeper ( Bissel/Ewbank type) and brush and dustpan , and only get the hoover out for jobs that they can't cope with.
Always use washable rags for cleaning up now, and wash and reuse them until they fall to bits!
I dress in layers rather than put the heating on.
I never cook in the oven (gas = money-hungry!) unless I can put a couple of loaves of Pat R's soda bread or some buns or biscuits in alongside.
I use the slow-cooker a lot, and it's a Godsend.
I never leave anything on stand-by these days, and of course all the bulbs are low-energy, dismal things that they are.
Plan our car use to fulfil multiple errands per trip.
Use a wind-up radio - but I find it knackeing, so provides good exercise too!
I use washable sanpro.

To recycle old sheets into washable wee wipes.
To organise my shopping and cooking so that I buy bigger joints and have leftovers to use up like Granny did (Cold meat on Monday, stew on Tuesday, etc)
To get solar chargers for phone and batteries.
To grow my own veg next year - my garden still looks like the Somme, and the fences and shed still aren't up yet!
To get a Wormery - the two of us just don't generate enough waste for a full-size compost bin.

Strikes me that I still have a long way to go! :?
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Living the good life
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 175988Post mamos »

I suppose the biggest thing we do is live in a house smaller than most peoples living room.

we only have one small heater that heats the whole house in minutes

I run my vehicle 100% on waste veg oil

I cycle a lot

I am also planning on making one of my businesses 100% wind/solar powered by the middle of next year

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The Honk
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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 177982Post The Honk »

Bought a very small one storey house that was just a brick shell and built a timber frame on the inside and filled with 100mm celotex, also raised the floor and packed with insulation and laid wooden flooring on top

Wood burning cooking range (used daily) which is also the only source of heating and heats the whole house. We have washing lines above the burner for drying in damp weather.

One 11 watt bulb in the evenings

Thermostatic shower set as low as possible

Drive as little as possible

Very few electrical appliances and no gas or oil

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Living the good life
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 189241Post seasidegirl »

This is our first year in this house which we bought 'requiring modernisation' so most of our energy savings are still at the planning (saving up for) stage.

Our hall and kitchen are lit by long flourescent tubes. They are quite noisy but nice and bright. Was initially very worried about their energy consumption but now believe that they might be energy efficient - relatively - so advice welcome. Anything we can keep we really need to keep.

Other than this at the moment I always fill the gas oven up when I use it. Only thing is I have to have it on a high setting because it doesn't seem to cook very well when I use the recipe suggesting setting. Have been lent an oven thermometer so am checking. Use a stove top steamer for veg cooking. Great investment that was - 3 veg on one ring.

The house badly needs cavity wall insulation so I'm looking into that. All windows front and back are double glazed but on the coldest side of the house they left the old windows - including two sash ones. They are beautiful but very drafty. In the upstairs loo I dressed it with bubble plastic behind the net curtain. I'm in the process of sewing thermal linings on all the curtains but only cos the previous owner left them in a cupboard.

Our boiler looks pretty damn old, a Potterton one and most of the radiators have had it. They are full of air, as is the whole noisy system, but we are unable to bleed them as someone has worn the nuts away so the key won't turn. Wonder if these nuts can be replaced? If not our local tip has a shop which often has rads for a fiver or less.

I'm interested in any solar charging devices as our house faces south but at the moment we don't have the cash to invest in anything and my husband is fanatical about electricity and the fact that it shouldn't be touched by anyone who isn't qualified. I think cheap portable charging devices are the way to go - phone chargers wd be a good start. And laptops?

We've got two open fires (1930) original tile fireplaces with an open grate. This winter we've burned all the rubbish wood from the garden, mixed with coal. I've a feeling these are not so efficient as log burners but don't think we will be changing them. We have a bit of wood left for next winter but need to stock up and am hoping to scavenge a fair bit or most. I did run the heating on at the same time because its hard to get teenagers to all huddle in the same room with you and tbh its quite a relief to have them upstairs .

My main worry (apart from the spring fuel bills) is the kettle. I drink tea and coffee all day long. I've been trying to investigate the efficiency of my leccy kettle over a gas hob whistling kettle but getting nowhere.
Lots of people I found on the net having discussions on this but no consensus that I cd see. Can't afford the price of a one-cup-kettle and don't have space for it.
Wd consider a gas kettle good investment for space but wd my cuppa be cheaper on gas?

Long post full of questions. Sorry. Like I said we're in a new (old) place so have lots to figure out :oops:

Sorry if I've upset anyone because we're burning coal.
Truth is that I'm really not convinced that us burning coal will effect climate change. I care very much about the environment but as yet am unconvinced that climate change is effected by Co2.

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margo - newbie
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 189243Post hetty »

I can't work out which sort of kettle is cheaper to run either. The way I save energy with the kettle is to put any left over hot water from the kettle in a vacuum flask to use later. I don;t purposely boil more than I need but as I am not very good at calculating how much water to put in I often overestimate so this is where the flask it useful.

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Living the good life
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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 189244Post seasidegirl »

Great idea. Thanks :icon_smile:

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Re: What do you do to save energy?

Post: # 189254Post pelmetman »

We do as much cooking as possible and always have a couple of kettles of hot water on the stove :iconbiggrin:
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Lamb Shanks cooking, and coffee keeping warm along with two kettles of hot water for the washing up, and all with free wood :thumbright:
PS we are always on the lookout for one pot recipies so if you have any please let us know :tongue8:
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