What are you harvesting now?

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Re: What are you harvesting now?

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I don't like broad beans, Flo (well I do when each bean has bean peeled - I can't bear the skin!) and we haven't grown any carrots because we get some every week in our veg box. Our raspberries and strawberries are only just ripening. The salad leaves went from cute to bolting in the space of a few days, presumably because of the cold, wet weather we've had throughout June and July.

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Re: What are you harvesting now?

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Our broad beans are over now Flo, but we have carrots coming out of our ears, well maybe not literally. Trying 2 new varieties of carrot this year and they are both good enough to grow again next year.
Tomatoes are a bit of a disaster, all got blight due to 2 months of damp humid days.
Other than that, courgettes keep coming, sweetcorn is starting to be picked, broccoli and cauliflowers now and again, and runner beans as usual needing picking every day.
Like you GA we have sweet peppers, both red and yellow, and on the fruit side just started picking Discovery apples as needed and the black grapes are now blackish and sweet enough to have a few.

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Re: What are you harvesting now?

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Broad beans, mainly... Some spinach, small courgettes, a few mange tout, beetroot leaf, and all sorts of berries. And there's a lettuce coming on, the sole survivor.
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