Leaving the allotments

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Leaving the allotments

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We`ve had to give up our beloved allotments! My OH has become wheelchair dependent and has limited mobility in his arms. I thought that I`d be able to carry on but he is also becoming increasingly 'me-dependent' and I just couldn`t get up to the site often enough to maintain the plots.
So now we`ve only got our little garden. It has berry bushes etc and I suppose I`ll be able to grow 'small crops' like beans and salad stuff but spuds etc will be difficult as we don`t have the space. I guess I`ll get used to it. At least we do have a garden. Count yer blessings, eh?
We are stardust, we are golden, and we`ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

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Re: Leaving the allotments

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Sounds like a hell of a wrench for you.No point going on about spuds in bags,veg in containers etc etc cos you'll know all that already.It just takes a bit of time to see the challenge..and to move away from the regret.

I've just downsized,though to a decent sized garden,but though I've drawn plans,bought second hand greenhouses etc,I've really spent 3 months doing nothing,I'm not naturally bone idle,I s'pose it's just the different circumstances and the need for a kick up the arse!

I'm sure you're nowhere near as unhinged as I am,but hope you can use the knowledge of my lethargy and downright sloth,to inspire you to turn a small garden into a bountiful paradise. Best Wishes.

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Re: Leaving the allotments

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Some of you may recall, that I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with Alzheimers, which has slowly started me down the road of a long journey, but still with laugh or two on the. As you may know, one of the first symptoms is memory loss, not that mine was very good in the first place.
Due to the forgoing, last year gardening was getting a little more difficult as the year progressed starting with seeding out one raised bed with lettuce, sticking in a nice big label at the end of the bed, only preparing the same bed for carrots by starting at the other end; Great beginning, still it taught me something BIG notes every where to remind me, great Idea worked like a charm for awhile with the help of my granddaughter.
As the year progressed so did the comedy of errors, little things like checking the moisture of veg plots, and by passing the automatic timer on the watering system, and finding the following morning, the onions, carrots, and other unidentified species floating around the raised beds.
The chickens and the local population of rabbits, soon learnt it was well worth checking to see if the gate to veg garden had been left open, until son in law put on a big spring which closed the gate and also gave me a kick in arse if I forgot get in quick.
I will not be giving up my gardens, as I need them more now than at any-time before, disaster or not they are for me my life-line, and for you that have no other options and who who are not in my fortunate position, I and can only sympathise with you and wish you well.
I can't do great things, so I do little things with love.

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Re: Leaving the allotments

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Challenges and changes for you all, by the sound of it - amazing and inspiring to hear the good humour in oldfella's post.

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