what shoes?

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Re: what shoes?

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Even when it's 30C degrees Julie? :wink:

I get quite sad when it is too hot for wearing wellies as they are so convenient and keep my feet clean! Can tread in poo, can walk through ants nests and stinging nettles, can mow lawn without the collector thingy on and not get green socks..... oh I love wellies! :cheers:
boboff wrote:Oh and just for MMM, :hugish: (thanks)

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Re: what shoes?

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Millymollymandy wrote:Even when it's 30C degrees Julie? :wink:

If ever it gets too hot ( :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ) I did buy a pair of welly shoes.... not had a chance to wear those though!!
The more people I meet, the more I like my garden :wink:

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Re: what shoes?

Post: # 192987Post kit-e-kate »

I love my Wellies! So, for me, its got to be Wellies in Winter/Sandals in Summer. My sandals are Merrell "trekking" type ones like a few other people on here seem to like. Also, i think it helps that our garden has very light and sandy soil, so its a bit like being on the beach (hmmm, well, i can almost convince myself...)
: )

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Re: what shoes?

Post: # 193044Post jampot »

i were these from march to october most years they last AGES an are so comfy ( ive not put a spade thru my toe yet either) http://www.purefootwear.co.uk/merrell-w ... rod31215//
AAARRGHH its behind you!!!

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Re: what shoes?

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snapdragon wrote:Are Muckboots what we used to call Muckers when horseriding? Sort of wellie foot with a nylon ankle length top and laces or velcros?
I find mine great for the garden (and dog walking) - just wear thick cotton socks in summer (for absorption) and thick wool ones in winter for warmth, acrylic socks make feet too hot and sweaty whatever the season
Muckboot is the brand name. This is wot I've got
http://www.discountwellies.co.uk/Produc ... ellingtons
It says on this site "Comfort range 85° F to sub-freezing conditions". They certainly did keep me warm in all that snow we had, but I felt sweaty the other day and it's only spring, so I'm not convinced about the 85F suggestion.

I'm now going through all the suggestions and looking them up online. Thanks for the input everyone :thumbright:
Rosey xx

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