Clean labels off jars

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Re: Clean labels off jars

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This is probably a few months too late, but this seems to always work well for me. I always put my jars in a big stockpot with enough water to cover them up and boil them up for a few minutes to sterilise them. I've found that you can then peel the whole label off with very little trouble with some tongs (or any other improvised method that doesn't burn you). Two jobs in one as well.
(This is my preferred method of sterilising things because you can also get all the bits left in the crease at the bottom of the jar (or bottle) that you can't get out otherwise, and you can let them cool on the stove with the water if you're only pickling etc.) I imagine it's tricky to get the timing right for jam jars though (and probably hard to fit all the ones you need in) so it's probably best done in advance and then pop them in the oven for the jam?

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Re: Clean labels off jars

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Not too late Torisocks - jam making season isn't here yet so I have lots of suggestions to try before it arrives. :icon_smile:

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Re: Clean labels off jars

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i soak mine in hot soapy water and use a wire sponge to scrub the sticky stuff off. it comes off with a good scrub in the soapy water.
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Re: Clean labels off jars

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Heavy steel pot cleaner, Done.
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Re: Clean labels off jars

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I believe the Sticky Stuff stuff is some form of spirit. Rubbing oil into the sticky residue sometimes works.

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Re: Clean labels off jars

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Yup, rubbing oil into the sticky stuff works. On this side of the pond there is "WD40" which is an aerosol lubricating/drying spray. It takes off sticky pretty well. But, rubbing oil on it works just about as well.

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Re: Clean labels off jars

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I tend to use the wire wool , warm water and elbow grease approach but more than often I'll just put the new label over the top of the exsisting one, lazy but simple.
On the subject of labels I've got several batches of homemade wine that I appear to have not labelled at all and a few more with two labels and faded labels. Not very smart in the first place but at least it gives us the chance to play "the wine lottery" :drunken:


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Re: Clean labels off jars

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Bottling a batch of mint cordial last night, I tend to leave the old label on when making anything sugary that will be hot when put into the bottle or jar. High temperatures melts most of the label glues - although not thosed used on wine bottles for some reason.

PVA or any water soluble childrens glue is useful for putting your own labels on.
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