New British fungi foraging book in the pipeline

Want your Mushroom ID? Ask here and also look at some of the old posts here to see what you might have. Make sure you use a field guide and triple check using google images.
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New British fungi foraging book in the pipeline

Post: #283792 Geoff Dann
Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:20 pm

The book will be published by a young and ambitious company currently making some of the classiest out-doorsy books around. They are called Wild Things Publishing and their mission is to "create inspiring books (and apps) that get people out, experiencing and enjoying nature, and our wonderful, often local, world.… back to where the Wild Things are" Words and photography by yours truly. :)

The book has a working title of "The Mushroom Forager" and will come out in July next year. In 300-ish pages it will mention every known edible species in lowland Britain, all the toxic species/groups and few other bits and pieces. It will contain detailed information and high quality colour photos of around 200 of the most important species - well over twice as many as the most comprehensive existing book on this topic (John Wright's river cottage handbook).

Some examples of the quality of photography to expect, and an extract from the text:

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