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Conditioner suggestions wanted

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:02 am
by chickenchargrill
It's my OH's birthday party at the weekend. Meanwhile my hair is going through the greasy adjustment period of giving up shampoo, I'm just over 2 weeks in.

I don't want to mess up my hair by using shampoo or shop bought conditioner as a one off this early on and have to start all over again, but it's getting horribly tangled. Besides, I don't want to buy any just for one use.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a home-made conditioner that's good for greasy and tangled hair?

Re: Conditioner suggestions wanted

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:16 am
by Green Aura
A teaspoon of cider vinegar in a litre of water will help with the tangles but not the grease!

Maybe a fancy headscarf? :wink: :lol: :lol:

Re: Conditioner suggestions wanted

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:24 am
by niknik
olive oil mixed with honey

Dont know how it would fit within your current regime... but would certainly help untangle......

and the few occasons I have used it , left hair and scalp feeling wonderful!

Trouble is, quite awkward to rinse out!. and notcheap either ( if using best oil /best honey)

Re: Conditioner suggestions wanted

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:36 pm
by Lilyfae
Depends on your 'natural' hair condition and your accessibility to essential oils or at a pinch fresh herbs
Your hair will still need appropriate 'feeding' despite the grease & I would recommend an oil pack, left on for at least 30 mins coconut oil is v good you can get in solid state from most pharmacies- olive oil at a pinch, jojoba/wheatgerm if pushing boat out. Then rinse vv thoroughly & follow with a vinegar rinse. If you can get geranium oil a few drops to your oil pack will help soothe and rebalance the glands in your scalp, reducing the over-greasing action

However for now:

Oily hair (ie used to wash everyday ish) : cider vinegar with rosemary oil in it ( or fresh rosemary boiled in vinegar, strained & cooled)

Regular hair (used to wash every other to 3 days): beer ( not lager though)

Dry hair: (more than 3 days to grease up) use Mayonnaise or an egg like regular conditioner but be careful to use cold water when rinsing!!

If you are really worried about it looking distasteful during this stage you can use baby powder/ dry shampoo (batiste does a brown powder if you are brunette) and then brush vigorously with a natural brush before reapplying. It should mostly brush out & the rest should remove with a strong shampooing action under water.
However a damn good brush with a natural bristle brush would do it some good as well to distribute the oil away from the scalp, thus is why our foremothers used to brush their hair a hundred times each night as conditioner wasn't really invented til the 1960s

Re: Conditioner suggestions wanted

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:31 pm
by chickenchargrill
That's brilliant, thanks for the ideas. It's not too bad today, I'm not sure whether extra greasiness was due to being that time of the month as well as the adjustment phase. Will have a go with an oil pack tomorrow morning, I have some geranium oil in my EO box, I can use it as an excuse to have a bit of a pampering session x