Visions2030 Walking and Cycling Survey

Cycling, trains, walking. This is the place to talk about how good or bad cycle routes are, mention great train journeys, talk about car sharing schemes or husky travel. Anything in fact that is about transport that is a little alternative.
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Visions2030 Walking and Cycling Survey

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Hi, I wonder if you would mind sparing some of your time to complete an online survey on alternative transport modes.

Visions2030 for Walking and Cycling is a research project which seeks to assess the potential in the UK for achieving substantial increases in walking and cycling, and in improving the quality of the walking and cycling experience, by 2030.
As part of this research, which is currently in the last stages, an online survey has been created which can be easily accessed through survey monkey. The survey captures your views as a cyclist, urban walker or public transport user and completing the online survey shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes. By taking part in this research you will be helping us to better understand your perceptions and experiences of using your mode of transport and how we can improve the environment to enhance your travel experience.
In order to complete our survey, please click one of the links that appear below. Please choose the one that you feel more identified with:

If you consider yourself a cyclist, please click here:

If you consider yourself a walker, please click here:

If you consider yourself a public transport user, please click here:

Your views will really help us to suggest to government how the sustainable transport infrastructure can be improved - so thank you for your help, it is really appreciated!

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