"To plant a tree in your own garden..."

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Tom Good
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the name of the other I can't remember just now (white flowers, red berries...),


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Sounds like it could be some kind of rowan (one of the Sorbus family and often called mountain ash)... although your description could also cover other trees, like hawthorn as well (Crataegus monogyna - common hawthorn).


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No, it's not - but thanks for your suggestions. :cheers: It got back to me, because it was a tree I'd never heard of before, it's a whitebeam: http://www.british-trees.com/guide/whitebeam.htm I just read that it usually grows in calcareous soil; in that case it's just as well that it is in a container, our soil is acid if anything.

Mind you, I've got rowans as well. My predecessors in the house had planted two, and they seem to seed out as well. Anybody for rowan seedlings? Or beech? I hate throwing trees out, even if they are only 10cm tall.


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