sorry. xmas. lol!!!

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Re: sorry. xmas. lol!!!

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I love Christmas but agree it's not about the money spent. Love small things - always like special soaps that I wouldn't 'waste' money on for myself and need new gardening gloves.

I also needed a new large mixing bowl. OH saw just the thing on offer 25% off the other day ( I know this cos he told me what a bargain he'd got :roll: ) but instead of saving it til the day he presented it to me in the carrier bag, price tags attached :( I'd much rather have unwrapped it on the day - suppose it's better than being given money to buy my own gifts as several friends seen to get.
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Re: sorry. xmas. lol!!!

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citizentwiglet wrote:MrTwiglet and I are on a charity-shop challenge this year. Everything we buy each other MUST come from a charity shop, and the total cost must not exceed £15.00.
I'm easy to buy for - anything kitsch that nobody else wants, beads that I can cut down and turn into new sets, scarves and scrap materials.
He is less easy. He wants pliers. I got some from Wilkos, took them to the Shelter shop, handed them in and then bought them back for a pound more than I'd paid for them. I am a girl genius.

Now that is just plain sneaky :iconbiggrin: I like your style. :thumbright:

I've spent far more than I wanted to this year, mostly on the kids of course, but even though many of my pressies are handmade I have still ended up spending a shed load on supplies. I'm doing ice cram factory hampers for the boys, handmade handbags for the girls and quilts too, but just the kids stocking 'bits' seemed to add up quickly. I'm starting in January for next year and raiding the charity shops throughout the year, and turning my stash into goodies too - hopefully next year can be done with far less expense.

Come on over and see the fun at Troll Manor Now blogging once more :) after a little shove from the one and only MMM.

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Re: sorry. xmas. lol!!!

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Or you could just have kept them, tossed 20p into a charity collection, lied about the source and then spent your 80p savings on a packet of crisps.

Bugger morals!

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Re: sorry. xmas. lol!!!

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" I'm starting in January for next year ,....."

I,ve tried that....several times, and forgotten about the "hidden " stuff...............!!!!!!
or found it far too late ( years) when no longer suitable for the kids!!!!!

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