Why are 'you' self-sufficient-ish?

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Re: Why are 'you' self-sufficient-ish?

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My mum has always been into growing pretty things but I guess when she finally moved to real countryside and had a conservatory which was more of a greenhouse (whch is what they should be :wink: ) she would raise Gardeners' Delight toms and give them to me so I got into growing veg in pots in London gardens that way, but I'd already got bitten by the pretty thing gardening bug by then anyway - purely due to moving from flats into a house with a lovely tarmaced back yard with a couple of dusty 'flower' beds. What I did with that garden is incredible and I've never had a garden that looked as glorious as that ever since really - must have been all the rain and pollution in London :iconbiggrin: as I never used fertiliser or muck or anything (didn't have a clue about such things then :lol: ), just shoved plants into the soil and up they came and bloomed like crazy! :flower: I just learned as I went along as I really was totally clueless to start with.
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Living the good life
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Re: Why are 'you' self-sufficient-ish?

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no background in gardening or ish- ness as such.
i have always hated waste, and throwing anything out that could haveanother use though! :iconbiggrin:

absolutely rubbish at gardening, not even houseplants, just letting one in to my home. well they looked around and promptly committed hari kari......

before moving to Spain (9 yrs ago) I did a lot of research into grey water, solar power etc, as we expected to be in a rural area with no mains services!
we ended up in a village house, with electric, and mains water and sewage. but a small courtyar patio, with some fruit trees.
A few half hearted attempts came to nothing ( forgot to water etc.)

Circumstances , have however now made it a necessity, so last yearI started, and although many failures, it was basically a success. and hopefully this yearwill be lots better.

I cant grow all my own veg, as there´s not enough space ( but just me now so do need less) but I havent bought a lettuce since last JUne or eggs since about September ( now have 2 chooks)

I recycle just about everything ( about 2 weeks now since I last put anything out for dustman!)

TBH.... if finances dramatically improved, the only change , would be MORE ish ness..........
I could purchase items rather than hope to find things at the tip and adapt them!
so could do rain water collection, more composting, maybe try to learn to sew and adapt clothing etc etc.....

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Re: Why are 'you' self-sufficient-ish?

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My wife and I have really enjoyed reading all of your stories. They're absolutely wonderful...and at times a bit sad...full of real life. I can say we are encouraged and are very motivated to continue this pursuit of "IT".


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