what other boards do you read and think helpful

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Re: what other boards do you read and think helpful

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darkbrowneggs wrote:Hi - I have only just joined this forum, and there is another where I am also a newbie

http://overthegate.myfreeforum.org/sear ... d=newposts

which seems interesting, and nice posters

All the best
I'll second that one as being a friendly lot if a touch Welsh at times - do wave to them from over Offa's Dyke regularly. :mrgreen:

I find this one quite handy as I'm an allotment holder: http://chat.allotment.org.uk/ - handy for the more obscure legal side of allotments and committees.

I also drop in here frequently http://www.thegreenlivingforum.net/forum/ which I think I joined just before I found this site.

The other couple of forums I'm on are just oddball closed forums of people I've known for some years in the virtual world and are good for a laugh and where I get treated with due disrespect. :mrgreen:

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