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Re: answering emails

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Martina wrote:
Millymollymandy wrote:As it is I struggle to find anything of interest to write about to my friends and family at Xmas cos all I have to talk about is the garden, chooks and ducks. :dontknow: Then again all they write about is their childrens' or grandchilderens' achievements so we equally bore the pants off each other. :lol:
I actually laughed out loud when I read that. It's so true. The real fabric of most long-term friendships is a reliable supply of being equally and mutually bored. :mrgreen:

That made my very early morning,MMM!

It's nice to make people laugh, thanks Martina! :mrgreen:
boboff wrote:Oh and just for MMM, :hugish: (thanks)

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Re: answering emails

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paul123456 wrote:Hello there ,

I was just wondering , am I a moaning idiot ? or is it not me ?

I frequently send emails to people around europe , friends , buisness people , all sorts .
They don't respond to my emails the same day , is that normal ? or should I give them more time ?
They don't respond to my emails in the same week or even later ? is this a normal thing .
They don't respond at all , ?

The mails I send are just normal subjects about the family and the on goings , nothing silly , just things
you would tell people by phone , alas the phone company charges high here , so we mail things.

But the response time is long , days , weeks , even if they respond .
I was thinking is this normal ,Iwould think that the availability of internet and its speed , people would react quickly.

Is it me ? or is it the people I mail .Loads of people seem to find it very interesting to be very very busy ,and have very little time
to spend on their social contacts .
Slaves of the treadmill.
So now i'm doubting , is it me or them ?

let me know on your experiences and/or ideas .

regards ,

Yep it's you!

I frequently send e-mails to all my friends and contacts and IF I get a response sometime that month I'd be happy, personally I don't respond to people unless I have something to actually say. If a friend of mine send me an e-mail containing information that requires a response then I try my best to respond to them as soon as I can but it doesn't necessarily have to be that day, most of my friends apreciate the fact the I have a life away from the computer and respect my privacy when I choose to not respond.

Take a walk outside and smell the fresh air for a while then think about what it is your asking your friends and relatives to do whenever you send them an e-mail which they may consider impersonal, maybe they would prefer a phone call just to hear your voice!
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