where to buy sheepskin for making stuff?

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where to buy sheepskin for making stuff?

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I´m looking for a supplier of sheepskins that I can turn into stuff for babies. Big bits as well as small, I´ve seen this http://www.billamberg.com/product/BillA ... es/608.htm and been inspired to make something similar.

Any ideas crafty ladies?
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it's cute, but holy crap who would pay that money?!

as for sourcing, try under leathercraft on ebay.

http://crafts.search.ebay.co.uk/sheepsk ... acatZ75565
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I was going to suggest your local abbatoir - but then there's treatment of the skin to make it useable and I think that could be a convoluted chemical process ho hum :?

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I'd imagine that you might have some luck speaking to a local smallholder, farmer or abbatoir. Is there a lamb/mutton industry in you part of Spain? I remember on a river cottage episode HFW got a few of his sheep skins scraped and cleaned for a tenner (or something)

I understand that would be a bit more challanging to organise in Spain, they maybe don't accept British eccentricities so much :?
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