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Paddy's mum
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Barbara Good
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peg loom

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Anybody got any plans/drawings/diagrams of how to make a simple peg loom for home use?

I have managed to accumulate loads of old curtains, duvet covers and the like and simply can't bear to throw them all away. I'd really like to make those rag rugs that are simply strips of fabric woven on a loom but don't have ££££'s to buy one.

Any ideas, anyone?

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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I always made my ragrugs without a loom.

just cut into strips about an inch or two wide but all of differing lengths and mix them all up.
Take three out and start a simple plait.
as each 'ribbon' finishes just join another in by overlapping it slightly, no need to knot it cos your ribbons shouldn't all finish at the same time.
When you have a nice long rope, start coiling it round to make a flat spiral tacking in place every few inches.
This way you can make a variety of shaped rugs, round is the easiest, then oval and when you've got the hang of it you can make whatever shape you like.

Living the good life
Living the good life
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Like the sound of this, I've been wondering about rag rugs. Will keep this in mind, in the event of an idle moment I'll give it a go.

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Living the good life
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What a great idea. I must try this!

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