Project: Solar oven.

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Project: Solar oven.

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I love experimenting with things, and one of my future projects is going to be a solar oven. After doing a bit of research I have started collecting materials (all recycled, naturally) in order to construct my creation. So far I have managed to find a large satelite dish which I intend to cover in tin foil to become the collector. I have also aquired some decent lenses from an old projection TV which I plan to see if they make any difference enhancing the sun's rays into the 'hot box'. The oven will have a double glazed door on it (another aquisition), and the rest being super insulated. Finally there will be a solid mass to store heat prior to cooking.

Now all I have to do is mount it all on a moveable platform (to follow the sun), and get round to building it! oh yes, and maybe a little sun too.......

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Re: Project: Solar oven.

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Careful with those lenses!!!!!!

If you sharply focus the sun's rays onto anything combustible, it will burn. The temperature rise can be very rapid and very dramatic. If you really want to experiment with the lenses, start with the rays defocussed and work from there.

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Re: Project: Solar oven.

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I'm sure you've done research but the main site has an article on solar ovens which might offer some pointers.

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