Recycled furniture

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Tom Good
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Recycled furniture

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Owing to a severe lack of space in my box room (2m x 2m), I decided to cusom make furniture from materials I pulled from the skip and the local dump, and scrap cloth etc

Clothes rail was much more useful higher up, and I got rid of a shed load of clothes to make it manageable. Made from an old trampoline. Decorated with dragon motif using enamel paints

Hanging storage for random bits of clothing e.g. woolly hats, socks, underpants, shorts, kneepads. Basically anything I couldn't hang off the rail. Made from left over material from curtains, and cardboard shelves.

Horizontal chest of drawers. Freed up loads of space on the floor. Made from scrap ply and pine from the dump.

Desk with folding legs - Large desk, with fold up legs, and removable completely with 4 screws. Made from kitchen cupboard doors joined together and old pine door frame for legs, stained with eco varnish. Desk painted with Eco paint.

Folder shelf / wine bucket space. The space underneath is where I place my initial wine fermenting buckets for a few days, and all my files ontop. Made from more of the trampoline.

Dragon bookshelf support - Why have a boring block of wood. Needed some support as the heavily laden bookshelf stretches over the doorframe.

Don't worry, I used more of the trampoline outside to create my vegetable box, and I've still got some left over for a rainy day...........
England 11 - Bedroom Refit (78).jpg
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Re: Recycled furniture

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Very creative - and of course - ishy! Well done! :cheers:
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Re: Recycled furniture

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Well done :thumbright: thats what you call recycling properly :thumbright: :flower:
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Re: Recycled furniture

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Awesome! I love the dragons :iconbiggrin:
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