Halloween jar

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Halloween jar

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I made this today from a pickle jar. It is nothing but orange acrylic paint sponged on the outside of the glass then an empty spool of thread glued on the top and the top and spool painted black. I painted the face and put a string of lights from one my Christmas villages in it.
My grandbaby (1 year) just went crazy over it :)

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Re: Halloween jar

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That's great - well done. I feel a need to host a halloween party now.

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Re: Halloween jar

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I love it, you could use it for tea lights too, just put wire round the top instead of a lid. I might just be stealing your idea. :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

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Re: Halloween jar

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thats great :thumbright:
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Re: Halloween jar

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That is good, and must be a lot easier than carving a pumpkin! :cheers:
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Re: Halloween jar

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Now that is a very clever idea - I may just steal it for our shop window display!
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