Flowers for bees and butterflies

Another section by popular demand. If you want to talk about anything else that grows that is not livestock, herbs, fruit or vegetables here it goes.
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Flowers for bees and butterflies

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Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:12 am

I think I might go mad tomorrow and sprinkle any annual and wild flower seeds that I can find lying around in my house and shed around the borders of my garden. If I don't do any weeding between now and September I should have a garden full of interest . I have left some nettles in the wildlife corner with the comfrey in the hope I get some butterflies. I back on to a nature trail and last year I had quite a few butterflies but this year I haven't seen many at all . I think it's the poor weather and late spring we have been having. Here 's to some sunny weather and lots of insects and butterflies.
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