eating fossil fuels

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eating fossil fuels

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just read this book, and it made me realise that things are far worse than even i imagined!!
Dale Alan Pfeiffer, the author, gives us facts and figures on soil depletion, water pollution, peak oil... generally how we have damaged our soils and water by using oil products, making us use even more oil products, that are about to run out...
the final chapter is more positive though, suggesting grassroots local initiatives to try to reduce the suffering in the coming years as population declines, food gets scarce and expensive etc etc...
he points to cuba as an example of how it can be done for the greater good.

BUT he says, dont rely on govt and business to save us.. they have vested interest in business as usual, and are unlikely to help us.

if you want to motivate your family and friends into growing some foods, give them this book to read.

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