Where to forage in Bristol

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Where to forage in Bristol

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Hi there.
Myself and my partner are new to this site. We are hoping to do some foraging in and around Bristol and wondered if anyone knows some good places. We are currently planning to make some jams so any sites that have fruit would be great to hear about.

Thanks very much in advance. :wave:

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Re: Where to forage in Bristol

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Bristol is a great place to forage in, just get a map and head for the nearest greenspace. You might too want to check out windmill hill city farms fruitfulnes project.
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Re: Where to forage in Bristol

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I'd recommend taking a train out to freshford, avoncliff or Bradford-on-avon (a walk away from the middle of bradford-on-avon is required).

All along that valley there's lots to be had (apples, blackberries, elderberries, nuts and much more).

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Re: Where to forage in Bristol

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i'm surprised at your post! and sorry i'm not an internet person I use it as a tool rather than for fun.

so where to forage in bristol, I go outdoors! we live in the avon valley and on our door step forage

eel (ok none since last year due to decreasing numbers) and we are giving the illegal elver fisherman a hard time
perch highly recommended (but now the closed season)
rabbit, missed tonight air gun low on gas. now going to have to forage in T***o
pigeon, I will leave alone until later in the year as I prefer casseroled

hawthorne leaves
ground ivy (this is not poison ivy)
dead nettle
cow parsely (be careful hemlock is now around, you really need to be sure with this one)
jack by the hedge
wild garlic
wild fennel (great with fish)
alexanders (getting a bit late, wander around the downs)
himilayan balsam (cooked with the water then drained away)
st georges mushrooms (the park near parkway station)
jews ear (mushroom season is in the post)
common mallow
hogweed (another one that needs research)
young lime leaves
young beech leaves
visit the severn estuary, find some fossels with the children and come home with sea beet and marsh samphire (a bit early for this one)

I have only done this for maybe three or four years, but really buy some cheap books use a forum and the wiki. and just enjoy being outside.

and think about where you are foraging, bad places would be roadsides, oldbury neuclear power station, sewage works and maybe the parks (does it look like it has been sprayed with weed killer?)

I'm on the isle of man at the end of the month for the tt races, and can wait for mackeral caught at peel, stuffed with fennel then wrapped wet with sea water in sweet oar weed and chucked on the barby.

I hope this helps

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