Climate change research at the Scottish Research Institutes

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Climate change research at the Scottish Research Institutes

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Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:10 pm

Doesn't really quite fit into this forum - but I thought innovations and research do have something in common... And seeing that there are quite a few Scots around, it might be interesting for some of them to know what goes on in Climate Change research in Scotland!

Climate change research in the Scottish Research Institutes spans a range of disciplines, providing the ability to integrate natural and social sciences to understand the drivers and biophysical responses of climate change, the economic efficiency of mitigation and adaptation actions, and the social contexts that are important to government decision-making. Social and economic scientists, environmental scientists, ecologists, agronomists, geographers, modellers and statisticians from the following institutes are working together on issues related to climate change:
Macaulay Institute
Scottish Crop Research Institute
Scottish Agricultural College
Moredun Research Institute
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
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