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Re: Spanish Residents - advice please

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:29 pm
by hedgewitch
Same down south AXJ.
You take the good with the bad hey!

Re: Spanish Residents - advice please

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:05 pm
by AXJ
I am glad it is all over Spain and the Provinces, for all its faults Spain is getting quite environmentally friendly (from a country point of view). I believe it has one of the highest take up rates for low energy light bulbs in Europe. I look out of my window right now and along the crest of the mountain there are windmills.

Here's a picture I took 5 minutes ago, it is the view I have out of the window on the righthand side of my monitor, you can just about make out the windmils in the far distance, they disappear behind the trees on both the left and right hand side of the picture.

A bus ride to the beach takes one right past them, impressive sight they are too.

Nobody here minds them at all, I personally love windmills in all their forms. :flower:

click image for an enlargement if you wish

Re: Spanish Residents - advice please

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:47 pm
by hedgewitch
Spain's certainly catching up with the rest of the world - slowly but surely.
We've just had clothes recycling bins placed around our area as well- the clothes get sent to countries needing disaster relief and the like.

That's lovely view you have there - the Basque country is very beautiful - such different terrain to Valencia.
I don't mind windmills either.

Re: Spanish Residents - advice please

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:41 pm
by AXJ
hey hedgewitch, Thanks, Valencia, beautiful place, I also have some Valencian friends over there. I think here they just recycle the cloth / fibres probably making paper or soemthing, but I don't actually know, I'll have to check it out.

According to the International Environmental Sustainability Index Spain does have a bit of catching up to do

If you break it down by Autonimous region a different picture unfolds, one region (I struggle to remember which one) is self sufficent(ish) in renewable energy, located somewhere between you and me. Basque Country actually stopped a Nuclear Power Station from being completed here, they delivered the reactor... then took at away again. Too much civil disobidience. Everyone kept switching on and off electrical appliances at an agreed time, and just tripped all the fuses on the grid, which had to be reset by hand. Then they did it again, and again and again, until it was cheaper to take the reactor back and stop building it. I think someone blew up a few things on the site as well, but I don't condone violence. However the upshot is many many wind farms, and running water hydro, they look majestic and beutiful. They have not disturbed load of ancient peat, like a wind farm in the Shetlands would, so quickly become carbon neutral.

I realise that these kinds of statistics are, well just one interpretation of a bunch of data, but at least Spain's not at the bottom.

Here is the full list of 'ESI Country ratings' starting from the best:
  1. Finland
  2. Norway
  3. Uruguay
  4. Sweden
  5. Iceland
  6. Canada
  7. Switzerland
  8. Guyana
  9. Argentina
  10. Austria
  11. Brazil
  12. Gabon
  13. Australia
  14. New Zealand
  15. Latvia
  16. Peru
  17. Paraguay
  18. Costa Rica
  19. Croatia
  20. Bolivia
  21. Ireland
  22. Lithuania
  23. Colombia
  24. Albania
  25. Central African Republic
  26. Denmark
  27. Estonia
  28. Panama
  29. Slovenia
  30. Japan
  31. Germany
  32. Namibia
  33. Russia
  34. Botswana
  35. Papua New Guinea
  36. France
  37. Portugal
  38. Malaysia
  39. Congo
  40. Netherlands
  41. Mali
  42. Chile
  43. Bhutan
  44. Armenia
  45. United States
  46. Burma
  47. Belarus
  48. Slovakia
  49. Ghana
  50. Cameroon
  51. Ecuador
  52. Laos
  53. Cuba
  54. Hungary
  55. Tunisia
  56. Georgia
  57. Uganda
  58. Moldova
  59. Senegal
  60. Zambia
  61. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  62. Israel
  63. Tanzania
  64. Madagascar
  65. United Kingdom
  66. Nicaragua
  67. Greece
  68. Cambodia
  69. Italy
  70. Bulgaria
  71. Mongolia
  72. Gambia
  73. Thailand
  74. Malawi
  75. Indonesia
  76. Spain
  77. Philippines
  78. Kazakhstan
  79. Sri Lanka
  80. Kyrgyzstan
  81. Guinea
  82. Venezuela
  83. Oman
  84. Jordan
  85. Nepal
  86. Benin
  87. Honduras
  88. Côte d'Ivoire
  89. Serbia and Montenegro
  90. Republic of Macedonia
  91. Turkey
  92. Czech Republic
  93. South Africa
  94. Romania
  95. Mexico
  96. Algeria
  97. Burkina Faso
  98. Nigeria
  99. Azerbaijan
  100. Kenya
  101. India
  102. Poland
  103. Niger
  104. Chad
  105. Morocco
  106. Rwanda
  107. Mozambique
  108. Ukraine
  109. Jamaica
  110. United Arab Emirates
  111. Togo
  112. Belgium
  113. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  114. Bangladesh
  115. Egypt
  116. Guatemala
  117. Syria
  118. El Salvador
  119. Dominican Republic
  120. Sierra Leone
  121. Liberia
  122. South Korea
  123. Angola
  124. Mauritania
  125. Guinea-Bissau
  126. Libya
  127. Vietnam
  128. Zimbabwe
  129. Lebanon
  130. Burundi
  131. Pakistan
  132. Iran
  133. China
  134. Tajikistan
  135. Ethiopia
  136. Saudi Arabia
  137. Yemen
  138. Kuwait
  139. Trinidad and Tobago
  140. Sudan
  141. Haiti
  142. Uzbekistan
  143. Iraq
  144. Turkmenistan
  145. North Korea