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Re: Asda Eco products

Post: # 132854Post Flo
Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:53 pm

I'm sure that supermarket own products (whichever supermarket) are passable. And somewhat cheaper than some of the eco products from elsewhere. However - Asda, T***o and the Co-operative also stock soda crystals. The first two also stock soda bicarbonate for cleaning (small enough packaging to make this somewhat expensive but it is there). If you can track down distilled vinegar from somewhere like Costco, another wholesale source or a Chinese outlet you will be quids in with regards to cleaning as this is so versatile as a cleaner and softener.

I've got contact at a whole food co-operative and can pick up Bio D toilet cleaner in 5 litre size (that's a year nearly for me) which makes it very competitive against any supermarket product. Likewise I've picked up Clear Spring washing up liquid in 5 litre size and if you can cope with the idea that you don't need an immense number of bubbles to clean - well that one is going on for ever with me.

I put money aside to save up to pick up these larger sizes - pop it in a savings account and get a bit of interest as well as saving in the long run.

I'm not rich on a very basic pension so cost counts. Buying a smaller bottle in Asda (good though it probably is) seems not as good as going the full hog and buying something a bit better which will last longer. As someone said to me today - us pensioners have to watch the pennies but we can't afford to buy cheap because we shall either have to buy more or replace sooner. That goes for everything from cookers to cleaning.

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Re: Asda Eco products

Post: # 132870Post Shirley
Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:12 pm

I love the Clearspring washing up liquid. It lasts for ages... actually I prefer it to the Ecover version and it smells yummy too.

I get vinegar from either Costco or from the shop in Insch (ok, you need to live in Aberdeenshire for the latter) and often pick up a few for friends. I bought a 5L of cider vinegar and it has a mat like sludge inside the container. I'm guessing this is the 'mother of vinegar' - does this mean I can use it to make my own? Can you make your own 'cleaning vinegar' in this way?

I buy most of my stuff from the Neeps food co-op - doesn't always work out cheaper though, but sometimes it does.
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