wine, where do I start??

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Re: wine, where do I start??

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SueSteve wrote:When I was in my late teens Dad used to make a thick port like wine, I now he used to double ferment, anddouble ferment with brandy added. I too fancy making a port like wine, can anyone suggest how I would go about this?
Best way to do this is to keep testing your wine for sweetness when it's nearly finished (slowly bubbling through the airlock), you need to leave a little sweetness in there for flavour. When it's almost ready you filter your wine into another Sterilised demijohn and top it up with brandy, check for taste and strength (more brandy if necessary ;) ) then leave to clear before bottling. The brandy will kill the yeast and stop the fermentation so no stabilisers are required, just time and patience to let it clear fully (filtering will speed up the clearing process a bit).

Hope that helps.
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