Hello from Galway in Ireland

We love hearing from you, so here is your chance. Introduce yourself and tell us what makes you selfsufficient 'ish'. Go on don't be shy, we welcome one and all. You can also tell us how you heard about us if you like.
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margo - newbie
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Re: Hello from Galway in Ireland

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JulieSherris wrote:Four Country Roads, Rach!!
http://www.hazelwhyte.com/Irish_Music/T ... Roads.html

And I use one every other day or so when I pop to the village :wink: :cheers:
If that road is as good as our Loughrea to Gort one...... :? :? :? :? 3 tyres killed by major potholes in 6 months :( and we know where they are at this stage! the only way you could avoid them is if you walk!

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Re: Hello from Galway in Ireland

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Welcome to ISH :flower:

We'll be your neighbours soon, too....you have been warned :lol:

If it isn't a Greyhound, it's just a dog!

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