growing indoors during winter months - suggestions?

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growing indoors during winter months - suggestions?

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Does anyone have any ideas for herbs that grow really well indoors during the winter. We have central heat so it is pretty toasty. I get some great light but would also invest in a grow light if it could produce large yields. Also interested in good indoors veggies that are known to do well - especially lettuces and tomatoes. prices here are mad and the snow hasn't even hit yet. And what you do get tastes fake. Thanking you in advance for any advice, suggestions and help you all may have.

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Re: growing indoors during winter months - suggestions?

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Hi L2L and welcome to Ish. :lol:

If you're trying to cut costs I wouldn't go down the growlight route - what you save on veg I'm sure you'll more than spend on electricity. The main thing I do in the winter is sprout seeds and pulses for salads - something you could do with the kids, it's quite good fun and produces some great tasting and varied shape/coloured sprouts. And you can fill a plant tray (or those punnets you get mushrooms in) with compost and sow "cut and come again" salad leaves - salad bowl and red salad bowl are sold by every seed co. and are cheap and very tasty too. But again, exploring different varieties can be quite interesting. I had a load of lettuce seeds of different varieties which I mixed in a jam jar, it's always fun to see what comes up (or maybe that's just me :wink: ).

Odsox is your man for growing winter tomatoes, I'm sure he'll be along soon.

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Re: growing indoors during winter months - suggestions?

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Re: growing indoors during winter months - suggestions?

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Cut and come again lettuce may work. I've got some in hanging baskets outside my front door. It seems to have stopped growing now but that's hardly surprising as it's frosty.

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