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The not buying new compact?

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:08 pm
by Flo
About 2006 a group from San Francisco calling themselves the Compact were all over the internet with Their original idea listed the following:

Where you can shop:
1.Second-hand stores (Charity Shops of any sort)
2. Craigslist
4. Local food markets are preferred (for instance farmers' market, local bakery)
5. Garage sales
6. Estate or house clearing auctions
7. Other ways to get what you need: Borrow from a neighbour, share what you have, make it yourself or even barter with someone.

You are allowed to use services such as movies, theatres, museums, massages, haircuts, and music downloads.
1. Underwear.
2. Socks.
3. Food.
4. Pillows.
5. Household cleaning supplies.
6. Health and safety items.
7. Automotive essentials (like oil).
8. Home repairs.
9. Necessary medical supplies.

I think a lot of people make necessary tweaks to suit their lifestyle. For me, massages aren't even on my list of normal purchases and shoes are essentially new as my feet don't fit the high street sizes. Some people have ways of getting their hair cut free. I'd include seeds for the allotment as not necessary to be bought new if they appear in second hand shops, local charity events, plant swaps or I'd been seed saving.

How much of it could we do for a year if we really tried for a year?

Re: The not buying new compact?

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:49 pm
by Green Aura
I lost two clothes sizes last year and all my replacements came from Ebay (I didn't bother replacing the in-between size, just when my clothes got really too big). I have to confess that I was really excited to be able to get into more fashionable clothes, even though I'm hardly a follower of fashions. The best thing about buying secondhand, apart from the obvious environmental benefits, is that I can get better quality clothes that I wouldn't be able to afford new (or would have great difficulty justifying that sort of money). Anyway, I'm hoping to do the same thing this year.

We get a veg box grown locally (with some bought in stuff from further afield) and our milk, cream and butter has to be sent up from England - it's illegal to sell raw dairy in Scotland. We're hoping to grow much more his year now the house is more or less done.

We've just bought a new 2 piece suite for our newly finished sitting room - we worked flipping hard getting that done so I'm happy to replace with new, plus it's replacing a rather grotty secondhand suite and it will complement my Granny's old rocking chair perfectly.

Other than that I don't think we need much and local(ish) charity shops and Ebay usually provide. :lol:

Re: The not buying new compact?

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:02 pm
by Flo
Reading back, some of the folks involved back in 2006 found it hard going. Can't understand why. Perhaps they'd never had to think that second hand might be good. Perhaps they weren't even the people who offered what they had of decent standard to any of the second hand sites.

Nowadays with the advent of Primark and it's low priced items (you want to see people with bags of stuff from there), second hand clothing is a bit thin on the ground here. The supermarkets started the downward slope mind with regard to clothes and household items.

That doesn't mean that I don't have a second hand sofa with it's fire tickets attached here. And an upcycled Welsh dress (polite term for second hand, refurbished and painted up but a lovely bit of furniture till you look inside).