help with my Garrya elliptica

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help with my Garrya elliptica

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a sick looking Gary.jpeg
a sick looking Gary.jpeg (7.37 KiB) Viewed 1565 times
This beautiful tree has lived here for over 20 years. It has always had a beautiful display, although some years more than others. This year it started to grow as normal but then I noticed a few new leaves had gone brown. I took a good look at it yesterday and it seems that a whole section is dead.
At the base of the tree I can see lots of this fungi growing. Can anyone help with what it is and what I can/ should do?
thanks in advance.
fugus on the garry.jpeg
fugus on the garry.jpeg (14.94 KiB) Viewed 1565 times
Sorry I just posted and dashed out. I now notice that the photo's are too small. Now when I try to put up a full size pic. it says "the file is too big". I will try to resolve this.... :banghead:

Still not sure if this will work. I have uploaded the pictures to my facebook page. Here ... 367&type=1
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Re: help with my Garrya elliptica

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I'd have to have a closer look to be sure,but I've seen this on several occasions,and sorry to say,it may well be Honey fungus.Usually,but by no means always,the fungi are more naturally 'mushroom-shaped', but the disease is not a single entity but a collection of similar viruses.
If I'm right,you can usually check by uncovering some of the roots which will often have a sort of white mildew present.
There used to be a product called Amatrillox which could be used to disinfect the soil (the shrub will have had it,you need to ensure that it doesn't spread, it will take out 90% of ornamentals,and keep it WELL away from any top fruit.Nowadays,you're just s'posed to dig up the shrub/tree and take surrounding soil away.You might protect your prize stuff surrounding the roots with some sort of Butyl liner,better drainage may also help.Sorry to be such a Jeremiah,hope I'm wrong,I like your posts. BWs.

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