can I use my seeds?

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can I use my seeds?

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I have just inherited some seeds from a relative. Some of them are in open packets and some are still sealed. What I wondered is if I can still use them this spring. There are quite old packets I think many are from the 80's.


old seeds

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I have never used any that old but what have you got to lose? I would plant them in seed trays and see what happens .If only one out of ten grow it would be a bonus.
I hope you get on OK..let us know the outcome .

gill didsbury
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old seeds

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I read on the Australian garden web a way to see if old seeds are still viable.
You put the seeds in piece of material (like piece of old flannelette) make sure the material is damp. Then put in small sealable bag and place in warm position. Check every day and redampen the material. Soon the seeds should sprout :lol:

Happy gardening :-}


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