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My husband has read that we should be applying watered down urine to the garden. Is he off his box or is this accurate? And should we apply it to the composter as well? He reckons it was what people were told to do during the war.

Thanks, Sarah

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The CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) in wales advise that you make an outdoor toilet using a funel and a 2 gallon bottle. You pee into it whenever you're caught short and pour it on your compost heap. It helps break down cellulose and this means you can compost your cardboard.



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I went on my cucumber plant at the begining of the season as it seemed to be struggling to grow. I think it helped but it could have been due a growth spurt anyway

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Yes....do it all the time..in the greenhouse into a large pot filled with compost then onto main heap weekly. Double benefit saves water.

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